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High Performance Dog Boots XXL


Ideal to use when running, skiing, swimming, blading, hiking, cycling, boating, hunting or simply walking (in the rain or snow) with your Best Friend !

This is an injected moulding process which resembles that of a running shoe. The rubber is formed and molded to cover the entire paw area of the shoe and rise around the seams. This process has been developed for your dog’s ultimate protection! Maximum durability and waterproofing. Ideal for rain and winter use as well as for orthopaedic use to protect dog’s paws from dragging in both winter and summer.

If added quality, strength and performance is desired, our high-performance shoes are for your dog (and you too). Your dog does not have to be an athlete to wear the high-performance. They are more durable resulting in a longer life span


Large Great Danes
Large Bull Mastiffs